What Santa found in the blogosphere for 2012

llabwordcloud Here at the cyber Wigwam Santa clued us in on what he found in the blogosphere in 2012. Do a quick search on “blogosphere” and you see it could be viewed as synonymous with a word cloud. Interestly enough there is a site that will examine your blog site and give you a word cloud for what it finds. Here are two examples of a word cloud from lept Like a Blog. They have differing font selections. Once the word analysis is complete you can modify the


characteristics of the words selecting different fonts, shapes and spelling directions. You can develop your own word cloud by visiting http://www.wordle.net/create. The bloggers here at Council Blogs made another word cloud of Council Blogs, this WordPress site. Here’s the result. Not that it has any direct bearing; the ability to visually and graphically give meaning to a pile of data brings a new dimension to internet marketing.wordcloudCB


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